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Plutoview is a virtual browser solution for effortless research and web-based collaboration, designed for education organizations. Our mission is to give equal access to straightforward and synchronous collaboration on the Web for all students and teachers no matter the distance or location.

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We make remote research and web-based collaboration effortless. Instead of having just one sharable screen/device for the group, Plutoview gives you as many screens as there are group members.

We understand that your collaboration goes beyond web-applications. This is why Plutoview is built to turn virtually any application sharable

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Speed up decision making
Reduce coordination costs
Accelerate approval process
Boost your group productivity
Plutoview Planet

The Web made for groups — turn your Web session instantly collaborative


Conduct tutoring sessions and class projects as engagingly as you are used to offline

Peer programming

Create and learn how to code in tandem with your team


Bring your Web consulting to another level with multi-screen accessibility

One month free trial from Plutoview API integration

Make Plutoview co-browsing fully compatible with your remote environment turning it truly synchronous
Plutoview is delivering a world-class co-browsing experience. We'd been looking for something like this for a long time at Teamflow and were blown away by how easy the integration was.
Florent Crivello CEO & Founder of Teamflow LinkedIn
Really nice. Makes web browsing so much more intractable. Nothing like the video calls with the screen sharing.
Andriy Bas Co-founder, CEO at Plai LinkedIn
The Pluto team is killing it. Great product!
Stas Kulesh Creative Director at LinkedIn
Really great stuff!
Matthew Busel Product maker at MakeSpace LinkedIn
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Isolated environment

Plutoview planets are unique isolated environments for your virtualized application hosting. Plutoview planets are private by design and can host virtually any application.

Planet System

Become a partner and create your own planet system. Bring seamless multi-screen collaboration to your users, students, and employees

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API integration

We want to give your users a full spectrum of in-application collaboration that is both private and cloud-based. Which is easy to integrate and scale per demand

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Create your Universe

We want to give your users a full spectrum of in-application collaboration that is both private and cloud-based.


$6 / month

2 live planets

$1250 / month

500 live planets


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Make Plutoview co-browsing fully compatible with your remote environment turning it truly synchronous

Collaborate with as many as 100 people simultaneously

Use all the browsers we offer for one price

Be social and feel secure at the same time



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